The 14 Ground

We are in an era of unprecedented development. The COVID-19 pandemic tested retailer resolve, uncovered weaknesses in our global supply chain, and sent into overdrive the worldwide transition from an organic to a digital ecosystem, turning the businesses upside down in the process. Instead of viewing the turmoil as an obstacle, these 14 innovators—ranging from logistics titans to startup entrepreneurs—viewed the changes as opportunities to fix what was broken and help remake their industries for the better. See how they are changing the way the world moves.

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Carol Tomé


In one of the most challenging years in its 114-year history, UPS Chief Executive Officer Carol Tomé helped make sure the company would be around for another hundred.

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Jack Kennedy

Co-Founder and CEO, Platform Science

Co-founder and CEO of Platform Science Jack Kennedy is bringing radical change to an industry that is just figuring out its potential.

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Maria Flynn

CEO, Jobs for the Future (JFF)

Jobs for the Future CEO Maria Flynn advocates for an equitable education system so everybody can advance economically.

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Gayle Tait

President and COO, Trove

Silicon Valley's Gayle Tait joined a new cause and developed a whole new industry in the process.

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Sidney “Sid” Brown

Chief Executive Officer, NFI

Sidney Brown runs a business that’s built for turbulent times.

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Craig Fuller

Founder and CEO, FreightWaves

FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller has turned his knowledge of logistics into one of the shipping industry’s most essential tools.

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Darla Longo

Vice Chairman, Managing Director, National Partners, CBRE

Darla Longo’s approach to female representation in the commercial real estate industry: massive sales numbers.

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Charles van der Steene

Regional Head of Sales and Marketing, North America, Maersk

Evolving from an ocean-bound operation to a one-stop-shop for all their clients’ shipping and logistic needs, Maersk is taking its game to the next level.

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Mike Wilson

Executive Vice President Latin America and Global Logistics Manufacturing Services, DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV's Mike Wilson thinks building resilient, future-proof supply chains can stop the Grinch from stealing it in the future.

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Mike Kaufmann

Chief Executive Officer, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health’s Mike Kaufmann believes doing the right thing is also the smart thing.

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Akira Higashi

Head of Parts and Service, Daikin

Daikin modernizes old school tactics to address modern supply chain issues.

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Marie-Christine Lombard


GEODIS is counting on its 100 years of innovation to help solve supply chain issues and more.

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Jean-Paul Mochet

President of Monoprix and Fanprix, The Casino Group

Monoprix's Jean Paul Mochet is betting the retailer's future on a strategy of offering high-quality, more sustainable offerings at fair prices rather than competing on price. Will it work?

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Rick Faulk

CEO, Locus Robotics

Locus Robotics CEO Rick Faulk is ready for the next era of robotics amid a growing labor shortage.

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